Developing a Rear-Vision System for a Bicycle


Just over a year ago my friend was struck from behind by a car while riding with the local bicycle club. He sustained numerous physical injuries and despite a full recovery he hasn’t touched his bike due to the psychological trauma.

I love biking but the incident made me hesitant to ride on busy roads. Rather than letting blind chance dictate my safety I decided to develop a device to see the entire road behind me. Having a real-time view of the road behind would let me react to the unpredictable behavior of distracted drivers.

Follow my journey from initial concept to fully functional system as I navigate the world of user testing, rapid prototyping, and iterative design.

3D Printing In a Box


3D printers have the potential to create a sustainable future. Printing objects on-demand eliminates packaging waste, reduces emissions from transportation, brings broken things back to life, and recycles materials destined for the landfill.

That’s why a few months ago I decided to join the community of hobbyists, enthusiasts and entrepreneurs exploring the boundaries of 3D printing and build my own printer.